About Bread factory
01 / Vision and Mission
Vision: Bread is not only a product made from selective ingredients
Mission: Freshness, Honesty and Sharing Happiness
With the motto "Each bread is a story that we want to deliver" - Bread is not only a product made from selective ingredients, but the most important that Bread Factory wants to bring to customers are freshness, nutrition, and happiness. We will become the leading supplier of fresh bread products known on a global scale - Become the first brand worthy of the name when it comes to bakery products.
- Developing and maintaining the position of being a pioneer and leading brand in fresh bakery products in Vietnam and gradually developing on a global scale.
- Being the number one training center of cultivating talents in Vietnam through baking classes directly guided by Chef Kim Sang Hyeon - Founder of Bread Factory
- Developing a chain of franchises, working closely with partners in the spirit of trust and respect for the mutual success and victory of both parties.
- Always prioritizing the satisfaction and trust of customers as the focus for all activities - Constant creativity, breakthrough, good practice and sustainable value creation
- Always paying attention to social issues and promote social projects
- Protecting and developing brand, building and constantly cultivating brand identity, stimulating creative labor to maintain meaningful differences, ensuring high competitiveness, adapting to the business environment, sustainable and long-term development orientation
02 / Our Story
“Baking is not just baking, but we want to create happiness and share happiness with everyone”.
Being inspired by a fresh bread combining Asian - European culture and the desire to bring the best taste experiences to customers, Bread Factory was officially established in August 2019 in Hanoi (Vietnam) by a talented young chef from Korea – Kim Sang Hyeon. After years of hard training and practice, Chef Kim became the in Korea- national Pastry team and finished second prize in the " 2013 ITALY WORLD PASTRY CUP, Chef Kim continues to pursue his love for bread and pastry and inspire the next generations with the view: “Baking is not just baking, but I want to create freshest happiness and share happiness with everyone”.

In 2009, Chef Kim became a lecturer at Ulsan Vocational Training School and won the first "Human Bread - Bread Artist" title in Korea, received the prestigious award "Talent Medal of Korea". Korea. By 2019, Kim Sang Hyeon was listed in the Top 30 Under - 30 Asia (Asia's Most Influential Young People in the field of art) voted by Forbes.

Besides developing stores in the form of a franchise with the goal of enabling people with the same passion for bread to get closer to their dreams, Bread Factory also actively promotes social activities, including supporting, facilitating the development of youth and NPO/NGO organizations and sponsoring charity centers.
In November 2021, Bread Factory remarked the initial success in the development path with the opening of the second store at D'Capitale Tran Duy Hung, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi.

“He will make bread with freshness and honesty and spread it all over the world.”
03 / Bread Factory Logo -
Fresh bread from ‘Bread Factory’ every morning.
Our ideal philosophy of our Name and Logo: “Bread Factory” expresses the most freshness of baking bread. The kitchen where bread is made is not just called a kitchen, but rather a factory.
– We, Bread Factory, make bread with fresh ingredients every morning.
In Korea, there is a food called rice cake. Before bread culture came into Korea, we had been usually eating a lot of rice cakes. The space where we make rice cakes is known as a ‘Bang-at-gan’(mill). Around the 1990s in the countryside, 10 to 15 people lived together in a house. Our grandmother had a culture of lining up at 'Bang-at-gan' from 5 am to feed her children the freshest and warmest rice cakes. Since then, I have never had a chance to taste a more delicious rice cake than that. This is qualified and fresh ingredients at 'Bang-at-gan' that make rice cakes so decent and tasty, and our grandmother used to serve us fresh rice cakes every day. Long time ago, rice cake was our main meal and snack, but now it has evolved into bread and dessert. I will not forget this taste and memory, and our Bread Factory has designated the logo as 'Bread Factory' to become a brand that supplies fresh bread to consumers using ingredients as fresh and selective as possible. The ingredients will be transported from the farm to the Bread Factory so that you can enjoy our freshest bread and dessert.

   Logo symbol : Factory + Toast
               Color : Yellow – Passion
                            Blue – Happiness with Honesty
Bread Factory : Make bread with fresh ingredients every morning.
04 / Bread Factory’s message to partner and customers
“Bread Factory’s story comes up with a question: “What makes a customer expect more than a bread?”.
At Bread Factory, what customers receive will be more than the value of bread. We not only bring customers the best products but also freshness, nutrition, and happiness. With a youthful atmosphere full of emotions and a sincere welcome to all customers, Bread Factory will be an inspiring and fantastic destination – where customers will come over every day and enjoy beautiful loaves of bread and meet friends with decent coffee. Bread Factory's story will not be ours only. It can be the story of the journey of bread, the feelings of the bakers who want to convey through each product and also the story of our dear customers. We look forward to accompanying our partners and customers to listen to each other's stories, your wishes, and join us in writing an inspirational story for Bread Factory.
05 / 10 strengths of our Bread Factory
“ Our brand has its own unique strengths.”
- We bake fresh products every morning.
- We use naturally fermented species obtained from nature to make our bread.
- We always brings joys to your mouth with new products.
- Our bread has no preservatives, so it is fresh bread that mold grows quickly.
- We operate our stores as customer-centric.
- We make nutritious bread that can be eaten instead of a meal.
- We do not view bread as a commodity for sale but as vital food for families.
- We create creative products that cannot be found anywhere else.
- We refrain from imported products for community development.
- A portion of our proceeds are used to help the underprivileged.
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